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How to choose a mobile shredding company

If you are considering using an external supplier of mobile or onsite shredding services (or off-site security shredding services for that matter), here are a few pointers to help choose the right company for your needs:

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest mobile shredding company – they’re generally cheap for a reason and you need to be certain that your data is being handled and destroyed properly.
  2. Choose a professional, reputable mobile shredding company – how many years have they been in business, who are their customers, how professional and reliable are they?
  3. Check which standards and codes of practice they adhere to. These will cover all areas of their mobile shredding services, including quality control, vetting of personnel, levels of service and the standard of shredding itself.
  4. Are the company’s mobile shredding services vetted on a regular basis and, ideally, by an independent authority?
  5. Ensure all personnel who will be handling your confidential data are security vetted.
  6. Will you receive a certificate of destruction confirming that your data has been securely destroyed?
  7. Make sure that the mobile shredding company possesses the necessary insurance cover to indemnify you against financial loss.
  8. Inspect the destruction facilities – most data destruction companies will be happy to arrange a visit of their premises, whether to inspect facilities or to actually witness data being destroyed. A mobile shredding company offers both at your own premises.
  9. Is the mobile shredding company part of an authoritative, recognised trade organisation? Most organisations now insist on this; it is a strong indication of the supplier’s sense of commercial responsibility and provides added assurance of what can be expected from them. Plus, leading associations, such as UKSSA, will have clear procedures laid down for the resolution of disputes between members and their customers.

Mobile Shredding

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